The Italian sandwich for Excellence

Italians are gourmets and for a gourmet, the goodness and quality of the food are of prime importance, particularly in the case of a quick snack. Since 1992, for this reason, we supply all the bars and pubs in Italy with our sandwiches, exquisiteness to tempt every palate. The flavors and food safety have always been our primary objective: for this our choice about the selection of the raw materials and for the use of the most modern production and packaging technologies is very accurate.
To guarantee the quality policy, the company is certified IFS Food v. 6.

Selected and natural ingredients!


Italsandwich vegan la prima linea 100% vegetale

Tramezzino Multi Cereal Bread 100% Halal

Discover the taste of Puglia,
available in 2 different fillings

Altamura bread filled with cheese and
raw ham or spicy salami.

Italsandwich i nuovi sapori della Puglia pane di Altamura

Our delicious selection