famiglia mocellini


The Mocellini family produces Italian sandwiches, made with the best Italian raw materials, since 1992. All the culture of the Made in Italy food is enclosed in a sandwich, packed to preserve the flavor of the Italian tradition.

Partner was founded as a local distributor in Trentino South-Tyrol of fresh sandwiches, but over the years the products and the service offered turned the company in the leading supplier of Italian bars and sandwich shops, meeting the taste of consumers in each corner of the country.

Today the company, as well as distributing its products through its wholesalers all over Italy, is present in the main European markets through its partners.

The process

1. The story of our sandwich starts with the bakery: only high quality bread!

2. For our sandwiches we select only the best raw materials: healthy, tasty and of high quality

italsandwich il panino

3. We fill our sandwiches with the best Italian recipes: delicious and tradition in a roll

italsandwich confezionamento

4. The package guarantee the perfect conservation, maintaining the flavor of the product.